Monday, July 27, 2009

Product Review: A Life Well Read

The first thing that struck me when I received my "A Life Well Read" box was how beautiful it is on the outside. It is about the size of a hardback book and the spine looks like a book spine, so it fits perfectly on any bookshelf.

Inside you will find quite a few useful items:

56 Color Bookplates
24 lovely Color Gift Labels
5 divider cards already labeled (My Books, Books on Loan, Books I Want, Books to Give, My Favorites)
7 blank divider cards
3 cards with spaces on front & back to note books you want to give as gifts and to whom
1 very nice pen

But the best thing about this system is the book cards. They measure about 8 inches high by 5 inches wide and you get 50 of them. The cards are meant to be used as a book mark in your book, on the front of the card you note the title and author at the top and below that there is plenty of room to jot down your thoughts about the book as you are reading. On the back of the card is a Lending History section, so you can jot down who you loaned what to and when. Plus a section for your book club meeting notes.

This box would be a fantastic gift for any book lover on your list (the holidays will be here before we know it!) but it would be especially perfect for anyone in a book club. The individual cards are on sturdy stock and you can easily tuck it right in the book and take it to your book club meeting, all your notes are right there, ready for spirited debate!

I originally started my blog to keep track of the books I read, but if I had known about this system then, it would have done the job so nicely. Many people like to keep their records on computers these days, but the idea behind this lovely set is that sitting in front of your computer is not usually cozy or relaxing. The name of the company is A Life Unplugged and, while we can't do without our computers and electronics all of the time, it is nice to have a break from the keyboard and do things in a simpler way.

A Life Well Read sells for $29.95, but if you order it by clicking here (or on the title anywhere in this post) you will receive a discount of 25% for any order between now and August 23. And Priority shipping is only $5.


bermudaonion said...

I, for one, am glad you didn't know about this before you started your blog! I do use my computer to keep track of my books and wonder if I'd keep something like that up.

Beth F said...

I love how pretty the set of cards is. But I'm not sure if I'd keep it up -- I use my blog, Library Thing, and database software to keep track of my books. I don't think I need something else.

But I echo Bermudaonion: I'm glad you're bloggin!

Neas Nuttiness said...

I may just have to get one of these for myself!
Thanks for the review.

The Tome Traveller said...

Aaww, you guys are the best! :)

holdenj said...

This looks really neat and would make a great gift for anyone in my book club! Thanks for the link.

Ann-Kat (Today, I Read...) said...

How lovely! I had never heard of this before and it sounds absolutely delightful. Funny, I've been finagling a system similar to the book cards with notecards so that I can jot down notes on a book as I read through it so I don't have to mark the book itself. It's hit and miss, which is why I like the idea of A Life Well read. LOL

As for keeping track of books, I don't know if I'd be diligent about it. Right now there are a few books out, so I only need to use my memory (*sigh*) but a system--digital or otherwise--would probably be much better.

Thanks for the write-up.

Thank you!!

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