Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Suggestions: Gillian Bradshaw

It has been a while since I posted a Saturday Suggestion (Saturday Suggestions are to highlight a book, series, or author that I have read in the past, before I started blogging). This week I want to share with you a fantastic historical fiction author, Gillian Bradshaw. I started reading her books years ago when I discovered her Arthurian Trilogy:

Hawk of May, Kingdom of Summer and In Winter's Shadow

Hawk of May was her first book, published in 1980, and she finished the first draft of that novel when she was only seventeen!

She also has written a number of novels set in Ancient Rome or the Ancient World. I've enjoyed all of them but I think Island of Ghosts is my favorite:

Island of Ghosts: A Novel of Roman Britain
The Sand-Reckoner
Alchemy of Fire
Horses of Heaven
Render Unto Caesar
Cleopatra's Heir
Imperial Purple
The Beacon at Alexandria
The Bearkeeper's Daughter
The Wolf Hunt

There are several newer titles that I haven't read yet (but can't wait to get my hands on!):

London in Chains: An English Civil War Novel
Dark North
The Sun's Bride

If you love historical fiction and are looking for something new, give one of these novels a try. I recommend them! You will find Gillian Bradshaw's website here.


A Bookshelf Monstrosity said...

Very cool! I love recommendations. I guess that's why i read, like, 70 book blogs :)

This author sounds great! Thanks.

CLM said...

I've always *meant* to read her and seeing one I've never heard of set during the English Civil War is good incentive! Thanks.

Michele at Reader's Respite said...

You know I can't resist a series. And yet, still, you post this. LOL, you're killing me here (off to go check these out!).

Pricilla said...

I read the Arthurian books and the Caesarian books and enjoyed both series...

Zibilee said...

After reading this post I have been doing some exploring of Bradshaw's books. A number of them look very compelling to me, and I think I am going to grab one to sample. Thanks for the heads up on this author, I probably wouldn't have discovered her anywhere else.

Kathleen said...

I've had like three books by her in my Amazon cart for ages! I definitely have to buy them now :)

Thank you!!

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