Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Review: Dead Ringer by Mary Burton

In the freezing cold of a Richmond, Virginia winter a serial killer is at work. When the second woman is found, homicide detective Jacob Warwick is struck by her resemblance to the first victim. Not only that, but both dead women bear a strong resemblance to Kendall Shaw.

Kendall is a beautiful and successful television news anchor. She met Jacob the previous summer when they were both pulled into another murder investigation. (Those events are the focus of Ms. Burton's first book, I'm Watching You). They haven't seen each other since. When Jacob warns Kendall that the killer might be interested in her, she is reluctant to believe it. The theory does sound far-fetched.

Each victim is left with a necklace around her neck that bears a charm with a woman's name on it. But it's not the victim's name. As Jacob and his partner Zack Kier investigate, an unlikely connection begins to take shape and they race to stop the killer from completing his chilling plan.

Dead Ringer is a suspenseful thriller with an unexpected, twisting tale. The numerous characters are well developed and their stories weave easily into the central plot. The fast paced action kept me turning pages late into the night and I was fascinated by the outcome of the investigation. There was just enough romance between the main characters to make it interesting without overwhelming the drama of the story.

Dead Ringer is published by Zebra. ISBN 978-1-4201-0027-3

Many thanks to Dorothy Thompson at Pump Up Your Book Promotion Virtual Book Tours for sending me this book for review!

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Lenore said...

ooh - sounds like a good one. I am a sucker for thrillers where there are physical resemblences i.e. The Third Twin by Ken Follett, Body Double by Tess Gerritson or The Likeness by Tana French (which I reviewed recently here.)

Cheryl said...

This soundse like a great book. Maybe Santa will bring it to me


Ladytink_534 said...

I've seen one or two reviews for this and I think it sounds really good!

tashiana said...

now this sounds good!
i'm a serial killer book lover and i especially love plots that are all over the place and then all come together in the end
i'm always wary to read (or watch) sequels though, but sometimes they're a real reward

Thank you!!

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