Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Suggestions: Juliet Marillier

Well, I am a bit late this Saturday but it still officially is Saturday, so I guess it counts!

This week I reviewed Axe of Iron, a historical novel about the Northmen, or Vikings, exploring and searching out new lands to settle. I was reminded of two books that I very much enjoyed by one of my favorite authors, Juliet Marillier. Her books are classified as "fantasy" but I think they are more properly "historical fantasy." I like fantasy novels but my favorites are always the ones that take place in our actual past (that is, our world as opposed to a fictional world) and then weave in fantasy elements, as these do.

Wolfskin takes place somewhere around 800, when the Vikings landed on the Orkney islands north of Scotland and settled there. There were native people living there, of course, and this novel explores the clash of the two cultures by telling the story of Nessa, a native Priestess and Eyvind, a Northman. There is a sequel, Foxmask. Both are wonderful novels. I have yet to read a book by this author that I didn't love.

I reviewed a book in a different series by this same author a few months ago, Heir to Sevenwaters.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!


Beth F said...

Happy Easter to you!

Lenore Appelhans said...

I've been wanting to read her YA books. Cybil's Secret is the name of one of them.

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