Sunday, October 11, 2009

Review: A Marquis to Marry by Amelia Grey

When the Dowager Duchess of Blooming drops by to see Alexander Raceworth during his big party, he is seriously annoyed. He keeps her waiting for quite a while, what on earth could the old biddy want that justifies dropping by unannounced? Imagine his surprise to find that the dowager is far from elderly. She is, in fact, his own age, thirty, very beautiful, and a widow.

Alexander's Grandmother has recently died and left him a fantastic string of valuable pearls, called The Talbot Pearls. The necklace has five perfectly matched strands of pearls, each thirty two inches long. They are stunning. And locked up safely. There has been quite a bit of interest in them lately, since his inheritance was mentioned in the society column of the papers. Already, three different men have approached him offering to buy the pearls.

Susannah, the Dowager Duchess of Blooming, wants them too. But she doesn't want to buy them! She claims that they belong to her own grandmother and were stolen. She even has the paperwork to prove it. There's no way that Alexander is going to hand over his Grandmother's pearls, papers or no papers. He is instantly intrigued, though, with Susannah. She won't leave without that necklace, so she rents the house behind his, settling in and planning to convince him to at least take a fair look at her evidence.

Of course, romance blossoms between Susannah and Alexander. When the pearls are stolen from the safe they are kept in, their budding relationship is ripped apart. They both have the same goal, to get the pearls back from whoever has stolen them. Though they start out separately, the course of their investigations will throw them together and give them the opportunity to try to repair the damage.

This book reminded me a little of the great Georgette Heyer novels. The characters have a snappy and witty dialogue, it is such fun to see them spar with each other! It is a fast, fun read that sparkles with humor. The London scene is vivid and interesting. It is sure to please fans of Historical Romance!

A Marquis to Marry: The Rogues' Dynasty is published by Sourcebooks, ISBN 978-1402217609

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Zibilee said...

I read an interview with this author discussing how she creates the relationships between her characters and I was intrigued. I do like historical romance, and think this story sounds interesting and lively. Great review, I will be looking out for the book.

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