Friday, December 5, 2008

Review: Flirting With Forty by Jane Porter....Read the book, watch the movie!!

It is Christmas and Jackie is having a rough time. She has been divorced for a year and is struggling to raise her two small children while watching her ex strut around with his new hot girlfriend. As if that wasn't enough, in a few short weeks she will be turning the big 4-0. It's a low point, no question.

Fortunately Jackie has friends that love her. They are all married friends from her pre-divorce days but still, they are supportive. When one of them insists on a girls weekend in Hawaii to celebrate the dreaded birthday, Jackie reluctantly agrees. It seems par for the course that her friend has to cancel at the last minute but insists that she go on alone. By herself. Fun, fun, she thinks.

But once there, it's quite nice. Warm sun, blue water. And the surprising surf instructor, Kai, who shows a flattering interest in Jackie. He's gorgeous, ten years younger, but they hit it off and soon a vacation fling has been flung. But to Jackie it feels like more than that. Now she is arranging her schedule so that she can return to Hawaii and spend more time with Kai. Never mind that she has responsibilities, that it can never work out between them. A little happiness after the difficulties that Jackie has been through is what she desperately needs.

This is the story of a woman recreating herself, breaking out of the sameness of her life and learning to reach for the happiness and joy that everyone deserves. It is a thoughtful but fun book that I greatly enjoyed. Jane Porter has a nice way of blending the serious with the playful. Thanks so much to Miriam at Hachette Book Group for sending it to me for review!

This book was made into a movie starring Heather Locklear. It will premiere December 6th at 9pm eastern/8pm central on Lifetime. I'll be watching with my popcorn, how about you? Click on the movie banner below for more info on the movie.

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Flirting With Forty is published by 5 Spot. ISBN 978-0-446-69726-2


Anonymous said...

I agree - this was a fun, thoughtful book.

Luanne said...

I don't have the Lifetime channel, but think it will make a great movie!

Book Lover Lisa said...

yes, fun and thoughtful is a good way to put it.

Toni said...

I thought the book was fun and light. And had a lot of "what do you think you would do situations." Great Touring!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Tour Day! Thanks for the great post! :)

Allison said...

Great book..I enjoyed it as well!!

kalea_kane said...

Lovely review. :)

The Giveaway Diva said...

i watched the movie and i really enjoyed it! great review on this book! it sounds like a great one!!

The Tome Traveller said...

I thought the book was much better than the movie. They changed quite a bit of stuff for the film, if you get a chance to read the book I would recommend it!

tashiana said...

yeah um this is basically how stella got her groove back so yea check out that book and movie (mmmmm taye diggs) lovin the cover art though

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